Elderberry Shrub 3 Year Old 24"-36" - Perfect Gift!

Elderberry Shrub 3 Year Old 24"-36" - Perfect Gift!


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  • Elderberry, American, Sambucus Canadensis, Fruit, (1) 24"-36" 3 year, Live Fruit Plants, Black Elderberry, Elderberry Jam, Elderberry Wine, Fruit Tree, Plants

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  • To ensure your live plants are delivered to you prior to a weekend orders must be in by noon.

  • Sunday for next day Mondays shipping orders placed after noon on Sundays will be shipped the following Monday.

  • What you will receive: (1) 3 year, approx 24"-36". 100% dormant Dec-May/ June. Hardy well established, live plants. Some stems die/ break off and are inert and will emerge new growth from their root systems or existing stems in spring. Expect: no leaves, discolored/ brittle stems. This is normal as all perennial plants will display these characteristics in the Fall/ Winter/ Spring season and does not effect the healthiness of the plant.

  • Please send pictures on Arrival if plants arrive to you damaged per USPS requirements. Simply plant out in permanent location. New growth will emerge from it's root systems/existing stems sometime May-July depending on your climate.

  • American Sambucus canadensis-Hardy-Zones 3-8 Honeysuckle family (Caprifoliaceae)

  • Description: This is a deciduous shrub.

  • It is usually a multistemmed shrub; these woody stems usually have an arching habit, creating a relatively loose broad crown.

  • Grows approx 10'-12', Full sun, moist roots, Zones 3-8.

  • Will produce berries approx 3rd year.

  • Berries used to make wine, jams, jellies and medicinally for cold, flu and respiratory issues as tea.

  • Highly anti-oxidant.

Features & details

  • Hardy Elderberry Canadensis -Live Fruit Plants

  • Hardy In Zones: 3-8, 3 year, approx 24"-36"

  • True Elderberry Medicinal Edible Herb Berries

  • Makes great Jams, jellies, Wine

  • Attracts bees and beneficial wildlife

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