Chicago Hardy Fig Tree - Perfect Gift!

Chicago Hardy Fig Tree - Perfect Gift!

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  • Gorgeous Chicago Hardy is a reliable and elegant Fig type! Beginner and Advanced Growers will be enticed by the large fruit harvest produced by this tree combined with its low-maintenance qualities!

  • Chicago Hardy is, like its name suggests, durable against harsh winters and various climates in the United States.

  • Fruits of this tree are pleasantly plump and purple, with a strawberry red interior. The inside fruit is known to hold a succulently sweet flavor that is juicy on first bite — perfect for picking ripe from the tree.

  • The flesh of this fruit holds its firmness when broken down for baking, making jam/preserves, or when serving as finger food.

  • When grilled with complimentary meats this dense fruit will absorb the smoky aroma brought on by bacon, pork, lamb, and beef — adding an additional layer of flavoring.

  • The tree itself is quaint and stout — maturing to a height of just 15 feet — and taking up minimal space in the landscape. Although small, this mighty tree will produce almost twice as many figs per harvest than the Southern species.

  • Chicago Hardy Fig Tree will grow in Hardiness Zones 5-10

  • This cold-friendly fig grows incredibly well across the majority of the United States — withstanding temperatures as low as 10° and entering dormancy in even colder temps! Species that go dormant in Winter will shed their leaves and appear to be hibernating until the beginning of Spring.

  • Responds well to pruning & will produce more fruit if pruned before Spring
    fruit holds its shape when used with finger foods/ appetizers — no hassle when serving!

  • Will produce two crops/ year; one in Spring & one in Fall

  • This Fig is highly resistant to pests, disease, & environment change!

  • The solid structure of Chicago Hardy Fig allows it to be durable in colder zones.

  • For growers in Zones 5-10 we recommend planting your tree in smaller spaces; possibly near the corner of the house, along the front walkway, added to an edible garden, next to a gazebo, or complimenting a bench.

  • Gardeners outside the hardiness zone can plant this tree in a container with drain holes and bring the tree indoors for the Winter.

  • Chicago Hardy Fig prefers full sun exposure throughout the day — partial shade exposure is fine but not necessary

  • Requires heavy watering for first few weeks after planting; drought tolerant once roots establish

  • Grows best in organically rich, well-drained soil — ideally soil should be evenly moist but not soggy

  • Fertilizer not required but will help increase fruit production — use slow-release pellets during early spring!

  • Prune dead or criss-crossing branches at Winter's end to encourage new growth for Spring — this tree will be 'dormant' in Winter

features & details

  • Chicago Hardy Fig, does not SHIP TO AZ or CA.

  • Live Chicago Hardy Fig tree 1 gallon is self-pollinating, comes with easy to use Fig food, and produces fresh Fig fruit every year

  • This tree features leggy branches with bright, bulky Green leaves! Figs grow upward and outward creating room beneath foliage for fruit to grow

  • Chicago Hardy Fig loves the sun and would enjoy a spot in the landscape — or on the patio in a potting container — that receives full sun throughout the day
    mature Height: 15-30ft | mature width: 15-35ft

  • Chicago Hardy Fig can withstand below-freezing temperatures and produces a deep purple fruit with maroon tones

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